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Father’s Day Recipes for Everyone

Father’s Day is coming up this weekend! It’s the perfect day to cook up a special meal or treat with your dad. These Father’s Day recipes encourage fun for the whole family in both a sweet and savory way.


Grilled Kabobs

Grilling doesn’t just mean can build your own kabobs! Kabobs are a fun way for everyone to have something they enjoy with a variety of protein and vegetables. Prepare the options together and then have your kids pick out what they want on the skewer! For a variety of color and nutrition we recommend bell peppers, zucchini and tomatoes as your vegetables. Protein can be anything from chicken to beef or even seafood!

Get ideas for skewer combinations with Dinner At The Zoo

Fruit Rainbow

The sides to every meal are just as important and fun as the main course! Not only is this dish yummy and colorful, but your kids can help pick out the right colors of fruits for the rainbow. Sometimes the inside of the fruit can be a different color from the outside, so a little research beforehand may help your little chefs figure out what fruits are the perfect fit for their tasty creation.

We love this recipe by Two Healthy Kitchens

Oven Baked Fries

What burger is complete without a side of fries? Frying can be stressful and harder for kids to get involved. With oven baked fries, everyone can take part in putting together this side. From simple salt to garlic herb, there are many ways to season the potatoes. Have everyone pitch their ideas for how to season the fries, and it’ll be a fun side for all!

Check out this recipe by Well Plated

For a healthier alternative try Sweet Potato fries! Here is one of our favorite recipes.

Burger Cupcake Dessert

Grilling in the summer can be so much fun so we wanted to find a sweet substitute. While dad may take the lead on grilling, this sweet treat is perfect for the whole family to get together and get baking. It’ll be a sweet way to end your Father’s Day festivities!

Find the recipe on this blog

Happy Father's Day and Happy Cooking!

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