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The buyer himself finishes the room in his head. (Photo from Sergey Smirnov's photobank)

Developers often rent an apartment in the Whitebox format - this format just turns the apartment into a blank sheet: the rough work has already been completed, but the decorative finishing has not yet been done

Chapter 36 Why ask questions?

Many owners believe that placing an object in advertising is the key to success in the sale. In fact, the main thing begins after the phone rang. The main task is to understand how serious the buyer who is calling you is. Perhaps he is just a sightseer and will waste your time.

In order to understand this, you need to ask the caller a few questions.

Remember! Selling real estate is the skill of asking questions!

Let's figure out what to ask:

1. “Are you viewing the property for yourself or for a client?”

This question allows you to determine who is calling - the agent or the buyer himself.

2. Why did you pay attention to my object? Did you like the photo, price or area (location)?”

The most “hot” buyer will answer that the area, because the one who has already decided on the area is closer to the deal.


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