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We are sympathetic to the call to re-introduce the expenses cap on society lotteries which existed before the 2005 Act, but are also mindful that this might lead to a fall in ticket sales and, ultimately, a fall in the amount raised for good causes There is a need to analyse the amounts spent on advertising and administration costs by the National Lottery and society lotteries, what impact the amount spent has on the amount raised for good causes, whether there is any link between advertising spend and gambling-related harms, and the possible consequences of any proposals to curtail the amount spent on advertising and administration costs.

The Gambling Commission should undertake an inquiry into the National Lottery’sandsocietylotteries’advertisingandadministration costs. The lottery sector’s advertising and administration costs should then be reviewed annually with particular regard to measuring their effectiveness, and the Gambling Commission should use its power to impose an expenses cap more effectively.

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