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Nutrition education is a vital part of a comprehensive health education program and empowers children with knowledge to make better life choices and as a result live a healthier life. Despite that US students receive less than 8 hours of required nutrition education each school year, far below the 40 to 50 hours that are needed to affect behavior change.


Since 2014, iCook has taught our cooking and nutrition education classes as an after-school enrichment program to close to 10,000 students in over 220 schools across the country and we are proud to say we  made an impact, as parent survey revealed that 75% of students showed an increased level of interest in healthy foods and willingness to try new foods after completing our program. We combined all the knowledge and classroom experience we acquired into our In-School Nutrition Curriculum. 

  • Student-centered, interactive, and experiential with group discussions, cooperative learning, role playing, and peer-led activities

  • Formal, structured and effective - we help kids to acquire the knowledge and implement health-promoting actions into their routine

  • Age appropriate and relates to students needs and interests

  • Focuses on clear and simple health goals

  • Build with National Health Standards in mind

  • Build for grades K-2 and 3-5

Our In-School Nutrition Education Curriculum is:


Holistic Approach
Skills for Life
Family Engagement

We focus on importance of nutrition, physical activity and rest for feeling good and staying healthy. We do not talk about dieting, instead we equip kids with skills needed to make better choices for their health and life.

Our curriculum goes beyond nutrition, we also teach students crucial Social Emotional Learning skills like mindfulness, self-awareness, impulse control, responsible decision making, and social awareness.

What makes the program so effective is family engagement. All in-school classes are followed by virtual cooking classes that create valuable family time and provide education resources not only to students, but their families as well. 

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Given the important role that diet plays in preventing chronic diseases and supporting good health, by providing healthy education, schools have an opportunity to make a huge positive impact on student's health and well-being. Learn how our In-School Curriculum can benefit your students.

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