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Easy & Colorful

Our recipes tend to be easy and colorful using mostly fresh ingredients. We also have fun names for our recipes, too, because we find “Super-Power Smoothie” or “Godzilla Veggie Bites” encourage students to try new foods. Children are inspired to share their cooking experiences when they return home. We provide the recipes, cooking tips and talking points to create recipe sharing and learning at home easier and more fun.  And because we want every student to love the food, our focus is on “slightly healthier” balanced recipes, with treats here and there. That’s why we try to abide by the motto:

“Everything in moderation, even moderation.”

At the end of each class, we practice mindful taste test, which teaches students to engage all of their five senses when tasting dishes they made. This is an important skill, they can practice in all areas of their life.


We keep things food-safe: we are a peanut-free and nut-free establishment and we can accommodate most food allergies during our in person classes. Our virtual classes allow parents flexibility to substitute ingredients easily to accommodate their young chefs at home.


Culinary Skills
Culture of Food

Culinary skills are at the core of our program. We teach students how to chop, dice, peel, slice, wash, strain, core, bake, toast, whisk, fold and mix. We also teach students how to read recipes and how to measure ingredients. We make it so that recipe preparation (and clean-up) is easy and fun!

Delicious and healthy recipes are a key ingredient of every cooking class. Our instructors discuss nutrition in a really fun way so that students get excited about nutrition and healthy food overall. The goal is also to encourage students to talk it up at home and share key nutrition facts and food nuggets they learned in class.

Cultural awareness is an important part of our program. Our schools are ethnically diverse so we carefully select recipes that expose students to the foods and dishes of other countries. Our instructors share interesting facts about world cuisine and encourage students to share their own cultural food experiences with classmates.


Just click on an image to read and download the recipe

Rainbow Pizza

Eggplant Tomato Stack


Fruity Spring Rolls

iCook @ Home



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Cooking at Home with iCook - Overnight Oats

Cooking at Home with iCook - Overnight Oats

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Cooking at Home with iCook - Banana Oat Cookies

Cooking at Home with iCook - Banana Oat Cookies

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Cooking at Home with iCook - Chia Pudding

Cooking at Home with iCook - Chia Pudding

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We recorded some of our favorite dessert recipes for you to explore with your little chef at home. These are healthy, delicious and fun to make as a family: 

Click on each of the recipe names above to download full recipe and fun activity to go along with it!

- Happy Cooking 

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