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iCook After School was founded because we are passionate about healthy foods and the education of children. We want to give kids the option to try and experience a variety of foods through an after-school program that is easy for parents, principles, and kids to appreciate and enjoy.  


The typical go-to kids meal is chicken nuggets and french fries, or at least some variation of those two items.  According to a study by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) in 2011, 34% of children in the United States are more likely to eat fast food on any given day.  And although fast food is not bad when eaten in moderation, we want to teach kids how to eat a balanced meal that excites their taste-buds but also fuels their bodies. 

As some of our favorite parts of the cooking class will be discovering science behind cooking, as well as practice other crucial skills such as math, reading, collaboration, executive function skills and more, we decided to launch our STEAM: Kitchen Science program that allow children to experience science interactively through everyday activities and events. The program was an instant hit!

Cooking Meets Science
Tropical Fruits


At iCook we believe that a healthy variety of foods equals a healthy life.  We want to teach kids that not only is healthy food good for your body, but it can also be delicious and fun to make. Our recipes tend to be easy and colorful using mostly fresh ingredients.

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Our Kitchen Science classes allow children to experience science interactively. They will connect their STEAM knowledge to everyday activities and events. Our young scientists are encouraged to ask questions, think critically, experiment and problem-solve


iCook all started with two friends (Lesya and Olga) passionate about food, cooking and health, who wanted to make a difference by helping children learn to cook and enjoy good food that is also good for them. In 2014, iCook was started as an after school cooking school for kids to explore culinary adventures. Lesya and Olga share a philosophy — that food is nourishment, and that if you learn to cook and start with mostly fresh, simple foods, it is easy to “crave” foods that are good for you.

The Logistics

It is super easy to bring iCook to your school! 

All you have to do is contact your principal or head of After-School programs. You can also forward their information to us and we will present our program to the school board.

Nut-free environment

Our priority is to provide wholesome and high quality ingredients that are natural or minimally processed. During our in-person classes, we keep things allergen friendly: we are a nut-free establishment, and we do not use any raw eggs or shellfish in our recipes. We can accommodate most other allergies.

Our virtual classes, allow for more flexibility, so we get more creative, but still allow parents to make easy ingredient substitution to keep their young chefs safe.


When registering your child, please include all important allergy information or contact us directly if you have any questions . We will do our best to accommodate your child's needs. 


If you are not completely satisfied with the class after attending your first iCook class, we will refund the remaining sessions. Notification must be received before the commencement of the second scheduled class.

We rarely have to cancel classes, but from time to time, it might happens due to unforeseen circumstances. In this case we will schedule a make-up class.

No refunds will be given for programs that are cancelled due to weather, facility issues, school closures, school-dictated unavailability of space, or other issues outside of our control.

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Whether in person or virtually, our classes are always fun, engaging and interactive. Delicious and healthy recipes are a key ingredient of every cooking class and cultural awareness is an important part of our program, as we love traveling all around the world and discovering new flavors. 

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