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Organic Vegetables


Delicious & Nutritious

Our mission is to encourage young chefs to enjoy the simple goodness of food and cooking through hands-on classes sprinkled with nutrition, cultural diversity and sustainability for good measure. 

iCook After School was founded because we are passionate about healthy foods and the education of children. We want to give kids the option to try and experience a variety of foods through an after-school program that is easy for parents, principles, and kids to appreciate and enjoy.  


Recent research shows that when children are encouraged to try vegetables prepared in different ways and jazzed up with herbs and spices, they tend to enjoy them even more. Learning skills in the kitchen (chopping, shredding, mixing) also gives them more confidence, and they feel good about sharing new recipes and dishes with their family. 

As some of our favorite parts of the cooking class, we will be discovering science behind cooking, as well as practice other crucial skills such as math, reading, collaboration, executive function skills and more. 

Nutritious and Delicious


At iCook we believe that a healthy variety of foods equals a healthy life. We want to teach young chefs that healthy food can be delicious, good for the body and lots of fun to make. Our recipes tend to be easy and colorful using mostly fresh ingredients. We choose recipes that teach students about food and cultural diversity. And, we keep waste to a minimum, recycle and compost when we can. 

OUR story

iCook all started with two friends (Lesya and Olga) passionate about food, cooking and health, who wanted to make a difference by helping children learn to cook and enjoy good food that is also good for them. In 2014, iCook was started as an after school cooking school for kids to explore culinary adventures. It started in one community in Chicago and now it is in hundreds of schools across fourteen states.

The Logistics

It is super easy to bring iCook to your school! 

All you have to do is contact your principal or head of After-School programs. You can also forward their information to us and we will present our program to the school board.

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Nut-free environment

Our priority is to provide wholesome and high quality ingredients that are natural or minimally processed. During our classes, we keep things allergen friendly: we are a nut-free establishment, and we do not use any raw eggs or shellfish in our recipes.


When registering your child, please include all important allergy information or contact us directly if you have any questions . We will do our best to accommodate your child's needs.

See our full allergy statement below.


Our goal is to provide you with the best class experience possible. If you are not satisfied with the program - let us know and we will correct the situation immediately.


If our classes are cancelled by the school due to school closure (weather, facility issues, school closures, school-dictated unavailability of space or other issues outside of our control), we will do our best to schedule a make-up class either in-person or virtually, depending on school and space availability. If school is cancelled for a prolonged period of time (more than one class is affected), we will offer a virtual option to participate in the program.

Our Gallery

Whether in person or virtually, our classes are always fun, engaging and interactive. Delicious and healthy recipes are a key ingredient of every cooking class and cultural awareness is an important part of our program, as we love traveling all around the world and discovering new flavors. 

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