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Let's Get Creative - iCook Activity Sheets

We all have those days where we don't know what to do. It can be especially hard when your kids are asking you "what can I do?" or telling you that they are bored. We wanted to bring you a few fun and educational activity sheets that will get your little chefs thinking!

Blank Recipe Sheet

Have your kids brainstorm their favorite meals and treats then walk them through the recipe process! You can even have them use this sheet for the next time you want to make that recipe.

Blank Recipe Template
Download PDF • 222KB

What Am I? Quiz

A quiz with a fun twist! Your kids will read clues to figure out what fruit or vegetable is being described. Reward your kids for finishing and figuring out each clue with a tasty treat from the list!

Fruit and Vegetable, What Am I Quiz
Download PDF • 141KB

Vitamins Matching Game

Vitamins are an essential part of staying healthy! In this slightly advanced game, your kids will read the descriptions of four different vitamins and then try to match certain foods to the correct vitamins!

Activity- Vitamins Sources and functions
Download • 3.00MB

Let us know which worksheets your kids enjoyed working on and what worksheets you'd like to see in the future!

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