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Seasonal Eating: Fall

Fruits and vegetables don’t grow naturally all year long in all climates. Each fruit and vegetable has a specific season, or time of year, and climate in which it grows best. Eating these foods within their season is a great way to ensure you are getting higher quality produce at a reasonable price. Buying foods out of season tends to be more expensive since more work goes into growing the produce or shipping it to stores.


Seasonal eating this fall doesn’t have to be limited to pumpkin spice and apple pie. Yes, both pumpkins and apples are in season during the fall and have become associated with everything fun in the fall. However, they are not the only foods in season this time of year. September and October are a great time for produce in the Midwest, the end of summer and beginning of fall bring us so many fresh fruits and vegetables to enjoy. Check out the list below for fruits and vegetables in season this fall.

As some fruits like blackberries, cantaloupe, peaches, and nectarines are reaching the end of their season in September, others like grapes, pears and plumbs are still in the prime of their season through October. Many more vegetables are in season in fall, from cucumbers to leafy greens to root vegetables. There are so many options for fresh vegetables in the fall, making it a great time to explore new foods with your kids!

Something else we may not think of as having seasons, are fresh herbs. While herbs are much easier to grow indoors, they still have seasons. Commonly used herbs like basil and chives are in season during fall. If you don’t usually cook with fresh herbs, this fall could be the time to try.

Fruits, Vegetables, and Herbs in season this October

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