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Kitchen Safety for Kids

This article has some great tips on how to you can cook with your kids and stay safe in the kitchen


Teaching kids kitchen skills and cooking techniques at a young age is very beneficial. However, your little chefs cannot be successful in the kitchen without proper safety guidelines! Making food is always fun, but being safe is the #1 priority. Have your children be involved in establishing the rules of the kitchen - that way they’re more likely to remember and follow them! Below are a few kitchen safety tips for kids to get you started.

1. Permission and Adult Assistant. Before beginning a recipe, ask an adult for permission to work in the kitchen. They can even be your kitchen assistant! An adult can help you use knives, the stove, an oven, or other kitchen appliances.

2. Wash Your Hands. No one wants germs in their food, so start by washing your hands with warm water and soap! It is also important to continuously wash your hands throughout your cooking, especially if you touch food directly with your hands.

3. Be Careful with Hot Items. Use a potholder, oven mitt, or towel to move or hold any hot items. Allow foods or dishes to cool so you don’t burn yourself.

4. Practice Knife Safety. Always ask an adult for help if a recipe calls for cutting with a knife. Be sure to practice safety by using the bear claw cutting technique to protect your fingers from getting cut. Only pick up knives by their handle.

5. Cross Contamination. If working with raw meat, fish, or eggs, use separate kitchen utensils and tools. Keep uncooked and cooked foods separate. Wash your hands before and after working with raw ingredients.

6. Ask Before You Taste. Never taste uncooked foods because this can make you sick! Always ask to lick the bowl or mixing spoon to prevent the spread of germs. And if you lick your fingers, wash your hands right away!

7. Clean Up. When you are done cooking, make sure to clean up all the dishes and put all the ingredients away. Sometimes it helps to clean as you go! Before you leave the kitchen, make sure all kitchen appliances are turned off.

About the author: Taylor Roe is a dietetic student and intern currently earning her MS degree in nutrition at the University of Illinois Chicago. She has a passion for nutrition, specifically in the pediatric field. Her hope is to help children develop healthy eating habits at a young age in order to set them up for a healthy future!

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