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Having Fun & Learning

Since 2014, iCook has been been offering after school programs to elementary schools across the country and serving thousands of kids annually. As we transition to virtual learning in the upcoming school year, we are ready to offer multiple virtual enrichment programs for the school from a la carte cooking, kitchen science (STEAM) or coding enrichment packages to all inclusive after school enrichment for every day of the week though our partnership with BrainChild Collective. 

We provider children with the opportunity to develop their Executive Function Skills and Social-Emotional Learning through our enrichment classes, which are easy for parents, principals, and kids to participate in and enjoy.

After School 


Choose from a variety of

fully-immersive virtual programs: 

cooking, STEAM and coding.

Child Model

In-school Nutrition


Covers everything students need to know to lead a healthy lifestyle. We learn how nutrition, sleep and physical activity affects day-to-day well being and performance at school.


All inclusive packages of five the most sought after after school enrichment programs for every day of the week.

Start the Conversation

Our high-quality after-school enrichment programming is fully customizable to fit the needs or your school and parents. Learn how our enrichment partnerships can streamline your after-school programming this school year!

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